Saving” a word often used by our elders as a teaching.It has various dimensions, one dimension could be it gives a back up and the other inner satisfaction but the fact whenever we talk about shopping  it automatically brings a smile on the face. Well this could be very debating for all of us..  The opinion may differ some would say saving gives happiness as looking at the money in the pigi bank also brings smile whereas when you wear new dress and get appreciation that also gives happiness.. In today’s scenario saving is highly important as the world is moving fast and sudden accidents are prone. Without saving survival would be difficult. Saving is always helpful for all but when people like me who looks and lives in the present would always give preference to happiness as now staying happy is becoming difficult task.Seeing people smile is often like a Eid moon.One place where u see all the people smiling is the mirror of dressing room of the shops.Where each one shares its original smile. Both The term should be together taken forward and given equal balance. As it’s the same coin.If one can mange to stay happy and remain at peace without dark circles under eye would be the luckiest.We should always do things which gives you inner smile.. Be it “saving”or “shopping”..

Contributed by: Nivedita Jha



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