Color by the name itself creates an imagery in front of our eyes like “splash”. Color is one substance which can bring smile on any person. It always fills your life with joy and happiness.. India which is known for so many things some good some bad ; but it is the most diverse country. And one of the element of diversity is color. When you start moving from north to south or east to west your eyes will pass through so many different colors. Colors is not only in your dresses but the skin shade, the mud shade, the soil shade,the trees,the plants,the flowers everything on one hand you may see colorful turbans whereas the other side portrays the simplicity of white dhoti, some shows flowers, jewelleries which attracts by the colour of mogra the other  gives a flavorance of gold. Life in India is all about color and its significance. Color plays an important role in different religions too. For our Muslim brothers the good sign of color is “black” whereas for Christians it is “white”.. when focused on the Hindus they think the good color is “red”. But color is only thing which makes the country unified and together.. when you compare this with the sky the color is unanimously spread and everyone shares the same. when you look into the color of Indian flag those three colors  are the symbolism of every Indian. When the wind floats on the flag it says  the color of peace ,harmony,joy shall spread in the whole country and all my countrymen.

Contributed By : Nivedita Jha



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