1. The Born Bargainers.


Bargaining is a trait that is inherited to us from our older generations.We can bring down the price of literally everything that sells on the streets. Especially the Indian women have the power of bringing home the Rs.10 vegetable at Rs. 8 and this makes them immensely proud.


The final price of anything on that is purchased is not what the owner says, rather for the price you buy it in.

2. Comparison. 

sharma ji

That’s one thing that Indians encounter at a very early age. “Our neighbour’s son Sushil got 98%, why did you get 97.6%?” One common phrase that all of us have heard in childhood. The intensity of it grows with age, and after certain years we find ourselves comparing colleges, salaries, lifestyle, expenses, brands and every other little things.

3. Immensely superstitious.


As Indians we believe more on our horoscopes, saints and stones, than we do on our own abilities. These are weapons for fighting problems and excuses for every bad occurrence.

On top of this, every family has their own babas or gurus, who apparently show them the right path to lead life and solve their problems. We decide our lives based on their opinions rather than our intelligence.

4. Jugaad !


In our country, every problem has a solution. In a room of five, we can fit in 10 people if needed. In a car accommodating four people, we can surely put in two extra. There is always a way out. We know the ways to bend the rules to get our things done.

5. Judgement :

If you are sure that the other person is Indian then surely he must have judged you already.

for instance :

  • All those who study abroad are exceptionally brilliant.
  • Those who ‘obey’ parents are the best kids on the earth.

6. Blamer:


Be it anything,we Indian are always right; from a road accident to our shoe size we will either blame the other person or our own destiny.

7. Backward:


literally,we will leave no opportunity to be called and become backward class because it is all which is a game changer in our country.



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