India ‘s GDP or Bhutan’s GNH ?

Unfortunately Democracy is not equipped to tackle Climate change, Any Government’s core issue is re Election. While big democracies like India, focus on GDP/GNP as the main indicator of Public wellness and YOY growth. Bhutan, a country embedded deep in Himalayas and sand witched between China and India is all set to showcase a world standard for environment preservation, with Gross National Happiness as a key indicator of growth.

Bhutan hosts a population of mere 0.7 million though it is surrounded with two of the world most populous countries. A happy small country, still in nascent stage of development, which balanced out economic development and environment sustainability and cultural preservation or GNH.

  • Bhutan has zero greenhouse gas emission, with low level of industrial pollution soaked by its blanket of trees.
  • The country law mandates with having more than 60% of the area covered by forest serving as a vast carbon sink.
  • Bhutan also enjoys its green power, all thanks to abundant hydroelectric dams, with 90% of the need generated through it.

Under GNH these pillars have been identified, namely: Psychological Wellbeing, Health, Education, Time utilization, cultural diversity and resilience, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity and resilience, and living standards.

However quantifying Gross National happiness Index lies in quantifying the concept of happiness.Moreover Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product for the holistic well being of citizens and  Bhutan being India’s neighbour and friend is good source of inspiration for INDIA to focus on Gross National Happiness along with GDP growth.

Contributed By: Rahul Murada



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