Cow an Ordinary animal ?

Undoubtedly Cow is an animal but not an ordinary, it has many specialities that no other animal has in this world. Apart from the fact that it gives us many food product that we consume ,it is a blessing to the mankind. Though cow is called “Gau-mata” by Hindu brothers in the world ;it’s the time we all being should understand the vitality of cow which is like the “oxygen we breath that is necessary but scarcely noticed”

To all the stereotypes “Cow is not important because it’s a HOLY animal but rather because  Cow is an unconditional lover like nature and our mother.

I tell you what makes cow an extra-ordinary animal.

  • We can  protect ourselves from radio waves by plastering our surroundings with cow dung.
  • It inhales oxygen and also exhale oxygen.
  • If 10 gram of Cow’s ghee is put in fire  ,1 ton of oxygen is generated.
  • If  Cow’s ghee and rice are cooked together ,two powerful gases called ethylene-oxide,propylene-oxide are released.Propylene-oxide is best gas used for creating artificial rain.
  • Cow’s urine is world’s best microbe killer.

CASE STUDY: “cow milk has the ability of countering poison”

A cow was  fed  with particular quantity of poison and after 24 hours ,it’s blood,milk,urine and dung were tested in a lab to check whether poison could be found or not? And the test of sample and research were done for 90 days in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi.The researcher did not find any trace of poison in milk,blood,urine or dung of that cow .

So , where did the poison went?

Cow hid the entire poison in her throat,This is a special quality that no other animal has.

“Cow is source of food to fuel and life to living ” :

you can call her mother or a giver but after knowing the truths if you kill her then You are a KILLER !!

-Manal AQUIL



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