“Monogamy in marriage is subset of gender equality and human rights”

Marriage is a sign of God’s power and glory.

The Quran says: There are two types of marriage in ISLAM:

  • Monogamy: One man married to one woman.
  • Limited Polygamy: One man married to two,three or at the most four wives.

Though the ideal form of marriage in Islam is monogamous form of marriage,whereas limited polygamy is approved for exceptional circumstances only;and that also with many stringent conditions.”Polygamy was not designed to improve sex life of the boys-it was a piece of social legislation. Following are the conditions imposed by Islam on polygamy:

1.Providing protection and dignity to widows: One can marry a widow to restore her dignity,provide protection and for the betterment of her livelihood.

2.To Set the Slaves free: In  history,after the battle the tribe which loses the battle; hundred of families of that tribe is put into slavery. So the person of the tribe who won the battle can do polygamous marriage to make the slave free.

3.To Break a Taboo in Society: A man of noble family can do polygamous marriage to a woman belonging to a tribe/family which is boycotted or racially discriminated by society.

4.The desire to be related to the prophet: If a woman desires the honour of being called  prophet’s wife and in her honour polygamous marriage could be possible.

Despite all stringent condition,if  a man has more than one wife; then he must be able to provide justice and fairness to all his wives regardless of her ethnicity,beauty and age.But sadly and unfortunately few people are using the approval of polygamy in Islam to full-fill their desire and as per their convenience,without acknowledging the laws of Islam behind polygamy.Since,monogamy is considered to be ideal; there should be amendment in ”Muslim Marriage Law’‘  because people are misusing the law and defaming Islam.And if polygamy provision is to be given by law; then the conditions of polygamy should also be specified.

-Manal AQUIL



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