In India ,marriage is prime;
Be it rude or kind,
With or without your conscience;
Love without marriage is a crime.

If you are in love;
You are fortunate,
And,ironically unfortunate;
Because,Indian society is candle on the cake.
But marriage blows it with grace;
You get the right to love your mate.

Did you know ?
Marriage! has it’s kinds love or arrange:
If its love ! Wedding you arrange.
And if arrange !
In your wedding, love they exchange.

They say ,

Marriage also has a sweet age ;
Early marriage of a girl will always be praised;
Though, Dowry is a debate :
But we blindly celebrate.

Do we still live,in early man’s age?

India and Indians!

Marriage is not a woe;
Love or arranged;
Early or aged;
Love if we sow:
Marriage will be an ageless glow.

-Manal AQUIL



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