In an unfortunate incident, a class 5 student who asked for a second serving of Khichdi was thrashed by the school staff. Discovering the scuffle, the 12-year-old’s father Mohammad Shagir protested in the school where he too was brutally beaten by the staff leading to his demise in a hospital.

The traumatised Kasheeda narrated the incident, “when I asked for khichdi a second time, school cook Sanjit hit me with a serving spoon with a long handle. I came back home crying and complained to abbu. My father immediately rushed to the school and told Sanjit, ‘Sab bachchon ko sarkari khana khane ka haq hai(All children are entitled to the government mid-day meal)”.

The incident occurred on February 10, where the school headmaster allegedly instigated Z N Ansari to hit Kasheeda’s father. Z N Ansari, a teacher threatened Shagir that he will tear him apart and hit him between his legs. With excruciating pain, Shagir fainted and was immediately taken to the hospital where he died.

Rukhsana, neighbour who witnessed the incident immediately contacted the Narpatganj police who reached the spot at 1 AM on the next day. An FIR was registered against the cook Sanjith Paswan, Headmaster Hardev Ram, Ansari and the husband of a school teacher.

The cook and three teachers who are facing charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder are absconding. The school has remained closed since the incident took place.

Shagir, a daily wager was the main source of income for his family consisting of five children between the ages 4 to 12. Since his death, the neighbours are helping them out with food and other basic amenities.

Source: The New Indian Express



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