India, the nation of pride;

one can  barely imagine,

it was that wide.

            Different shades you find,

            Wherever you take your sight.

Golden bird it was known ;

innumerable hearts it has won.

            Noble motherland,

            with history of no invasion;

            although World’s third largest army,

            belong to this nation.

Oldest of all civilization;

from different culture and tradition:

mixed society lives in this nation.

            India gave zero to pie;

            Lunar and Solar eclipse in the sky.

India, mother of scholars and saints;

Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism flow through it’s veins.

Where Kashi and Balaji receive,

more visitors than Vatican and Mecca combined;

most mosques in the world,

on this land of divine.

            Today India, has 29 states;

            with variety of cuisine and taste.

            Costumes and colors ;

            celebration of different festivals.

Father Gandhi, in everyone’s mind;

where Bhagat Singh is still alive,

India, the nation of pride.

                                              – Manal AQUIL



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